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MIECHV supports voluntary, evidence-based home visiting models for children and families living in poverty across the United States. Find your state to learn more.













What is Home Visiting?

MIECHV-supported home visiting strengthens families and communities.


A cornerstone of evidence-based public policy with bipartisan support.

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MIECHV-supported home visiting programs empower families to provide for their future. Tells us your home visiting story.

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Tell Congress that MIECHV must be reauthorized and expanded to create stability and support for more families.


MIECHV-Supported Home Visiting In Your State

In FY2015, MIECHV-supported home visiting programs served 145,000 at-risk children and families in 825 counties in every U.S. state, DC, and five territories.

Click a state to view a fact sheet explaining how the MIECHV program works to improve family stability, child health and safety, and school readiness.

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“It’s hard work being a mom, and it’s going to be even harder to go back to school again, but that’s what I learned through the program — to follow through with your dreams to build the life you want for your family. I recommend the program to women every day where I work. It truly has made a better life for my family.”

Jennifer, Nurse Family Partnership participant

“It’s important to keep home visiting because there are young women out there like myself that have been through a ton, who have battled through struggles, and who need to learn more about their pregnancy, the rights and wrongs, as well as to have someone there that understands them and doesn’t judge and is there through every step of the way.”

Rachel, Healthy Families America participant